Why Shouldn’t You Sell Scrap Cars To The Dealership In Sydney?

Sell Scrap Cars To Dealership Sydney

Planning to sell your scrap cars to the dealership in Sydney? Are you getting the right price of your scrap car that you deserve? Don’t get rid of junk vehicles before reading this blog!! However, we have come up with the most secret or important information for all Sydney’s residents. Writing this blog post aims to make you aware that you can get the most out of your whole scrap car in Sydney. By selling it to a dealership, you will end up undesired cash for junk cars, which will badly affect your mood. Wouldn’t you like to make this happen? So, stay tuned with us….

The dealership is nothing but buying used cars that are in good condition. But the majority of people misunderstand this & say that they are hitting two birds with one stone. However, they sell off their cars for a new ones. Right? But you are on the wrong trajectory & here are the reasons that state you should never go into any dealership no matter what condition of the car you have.

Not all Dealerships Get off Scrap Cars-

You can sell your used cars to the dealership but not sell your car for scrap or unroadworthy vehicles. Not all dealership allows you to sell such kinds of abandoned vehicles. The most significant hidden truth about the dealers is that they make more dollars from used cars than new car sales. OMG, Yess, Indeed, their goal is to buy such vehicles that can resell in the market for big bucks. Have you or any of your friends ever tried selling junk cars to them? If yes, you have seen that they never offer wrecked or non-running vehicles in Sydney. However, every dealership is different & you can contact any nearby dealerships that suit your specific needs. But we never recommend you to go for so-called dealers in Sydney because selling your scrap car to a dealer gives you nothing but losing your vast money.

Dealer’s offer is always low-

Generally, Dealers pay wholesale prices for second-hand cars or working. So, how can you expect some top dollars for junk vehicles? Of Couse, they won’t pay desired cash for scrap cars at any cost. In case you get an offer on junk vehicles, then it’s most probably coming with strings attached, i.e., trade-in value. But if you have a working car, then you can increase your hope but not more. But you should not depend on one single quotation offer, either. Consider the second option as well; if you feel that the dealership is lowballing, you make a deal on a junk car. This way, you can ensure that you are getting top price & they aren’t taking advantage of you.

What are the Cons of Selling Scrap Cars to Dealership?

If you sell your scrap cars to dealers, then you will end up following disadvantages-

  • In case they buy junk, cars but will offer free junk car removals
  • They often try to lowball you & ending up lower offer
  • Higher chances of getting roped into their sickening tactics & buy a new car from the dealership when you trade-in
  • Low Profits if you sell junk cars to dealerships

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